01 May 2014

King's Day bike ride

In order the escape the noise, busy-ness and general chaos of King's Day in the centre of Amsterdam, Matthijs and I went out biking.

We biked north of Amsterdam through Broek in Waterland to the 'island' of Marken and then back through Monnickendam.

The following are a few pictures taken in Marken, mostly taken around the fire tower (the white horse) on the coast:

Even on the coast of an island, one never escapes bike racks here in the Netherlands.

More picturesque bike racks

The garden area of the tower, often used for wedding pictures

Marken on King's Day (as can be confirmed by all the people dressed in orange at the left of the pictures)

A wooden shoe tree
A map of our ride can be seen if you click on the following link:

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