30 April 2014

More pictures of life here

Upon arriving home in Amsterdam, I promptly took pictures of my life here. Unfortunately, posting them has  been much less prompt.

Nonetheless, the following pictures give you an idea what my life has looked like in the last two weeks.

The view from my window; trees starting to bloom and the neighbours who first set out their plants before sitting outside.

View from my window: the Oudekerk in spring

Sunday afternoon bike ride: windmill near the Westerpark

Castle with moat in Belgium: where we stayed for our bibliodrama class

Our access to the castle (meals were served in the basement so we had a good view of the moat)

The bridge to our own private forest

The gate of Hof Zevenbergen (which closes at 10, so you'd better be in or else get ready to do acrobatics or swim!)

2 weeks later - the trumpeter in the canal and more green on the trees. (And don't forget the neighbours with the plants!)

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Tom Braun said...

That castle looks very cool. I'm jealous!