20 May 2014

Moving to America: Guns?!?

As we prepare to move to America, I'm growing more aware of how much guns are a part of life there. I find this to be both strange and distressing.

I have lived most of the last 7 years in a neighbourhood that is known for prostitution. In my neighbourhood, I know drug dealers personally and have been regularly asked if I want to buy drugs. Human trafficking is present amongst my neighbours, as is money laundering, gambling, scamming, and so on. Bad things do happen to those who are part of this world, but people are not shot. The last time I truly noticed a gun here was when we were living in Den Haag, and the police understood my neighbour as threatening to set himself on fire.

It is thus disconcerting to read last week in the Lansing news that, only a few miles from my 'new' house, someone was shot, and several schools in East Lansing were closed for hours while a gunman was loose in the neighbourhood: http://www.lansingstatejournal.com/viewart/20140513/NEWS01/305130013/Frandor-Rite-Aid-closed-indefinitely-after-homicide

I do not understand. Why aren't Christians in the United States more in an uproar about all these lives being taken on account of gun-related violence?

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