30 May 2014

Jesus' feet

In honour of Ascension Day, I am posting a picture of Jesus' feet (from a chapel in Oxford). Matthijs first told me about and showed me this window, and I have loved it ever since. The image of just Jesus' feet points to power and might - the ascension itself - but also the strange absurdity of the situation. Having heard the story so often, I think we forget how strange it must have been that Jesus just went up to heaven.

This morning I had the joy of attending an Ascension Day service with the Chrisitan Reformed Campus Ministers Association, and there they also had an ascension day image displaying only Jesus' feet (something like this). It is perhaps not surprising that I felt very much at home amongst these people :)

May you have a good Ascension Day and a good time of waiting and anticipation for the next (strange and wonderful) event in the Christian calendar: Pentecost.

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