03 March 2011

love shows itself in many different ways

This morning at breakfast, I acknowledged to Matthijs that I had taken things out of proportion during our discussion the night before. Matthijs responded by telling me that he thought I did have a point.

And in those words to each other, I saw a glimpse of our love for each other - imperfect, with both of us admitting to making mistakes in how we relate to each other - but still with a strong desire to listen well to the other person.

And I also saw our conversation this morning as a sign that our communicating with each other keeps getting better - that we are learning better to speak and act in a way that is honest to who each of us is while also stepping back and trying to hear what the other person is hearing. And we are growing us a couple - getting more used to wondering what will help us both as a couple and as individuals to flourish.

It surprised me that this conversation was what made me think of our love for each other. Love shows itself in so many different ways, so why would I see this conversation as a sign? Perhaps because it is this conversation on top of so many other things - the laughter, the tea being made at breakfast, the supper to come home to, the games we play together, and all of the conversations - all signs of a love that continues to grow.

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