07 March 2011

Weekend in Gent

This past weekend Matthijs and I went to Gent, delighting in a weekend away to spend lots of time together and explore a new city. Unfortunately, we both managed to forget our cameras (oeps!): so no pictures of us as a happy couple in Gent. Instead, I'll give you lots of links so you can get a feel for our trip. The first link is to earlier pictures that I have of Gent: ones taken when I had been in the Netherlands and posted on this blog. I must admit to remembering almost nothing of that original visit - except the picture of me in the Meat Market (that and the wonderful conversation I had with Tarcizion in a random courtyard, which Matthijs and I found again, much to my delight!)

This past weekend we walked around a lot, and so most of the pictures available from Google Images are now familiar to us. And what did we do for the rest?
- visited a number of churches (my favourite being Sint-Niklaas, I think - although St Bavo's Cathedral is probably the most impressive),
- went on a boat trip (not recommended - it might be because I've been spoiled by too many Amsterdam canal trips with the community's local captain, but I have to say that the trip in Gent was rather dull),
- stayed at a cosy and inexpensive little bed and breakfast,
- ate random belgian food (we don't recommend the strange raspberry candy and the apple pie was more cake than pie, but the pastry was great - as was our dinner in this random purple building across from the City Museum), and
- visited the Design Museum and the City Museum. The design museum was pretty good, but, as you can already see from the website, the City Museum was amazing (and this is from somebody who prefers not to visit museums too frequently!), and
- we relaxed and talked lots.

We'd recommend the trip :)
We came home tired but content, filled with a sense that we now not only know Gent better but also know each other better, too.

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