27 March 2011

I miss the laughter

Although Matthijs and I laugh together a lot, I still miss the laughter that comes with living in community. There's something about putting so many different people together that simply creates the sort of strange situations that make me laugh (like the random drunk tourist, the way people relate (or don't relate!) to each other, and community weekends). As interesting as Matthijs is and as crazy as our cat is, life here in Den Haag just doesn't quite compare to the adventure inherent in being part of a community.

I hadn't expected to miss the laughter. I had expected to miss the people and being close to them; I had expected to miss the structure and daily prayers; and I had expected Den Haag to be different than Amsterdam. But the realization of how much I missed the laughter came to me so unexpectedly the other day that it made me cry.

And I longed to be able to return to making jokes about how often my pregnant friend needed to stop before making it to their house on the fifth floor - although now that they've had a little boy (yay!!!), it'd be jokes about how tired their visitors are when they arrive and what crazy ideas they have about getting the whole family (inclusive baby and daughter) up and down the stairs in the best way :)

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