28 March 2009

i generally like doing my taxes

i'm aware that i'm unusual in that i generally like filling in my tax returns.

that doesn't always mean that i've filled in as many tax returns over the years as i could have (if i ever move back to Canada i'll have to learn a lot very quickly about filing for previous years - and find out where i used to store all tax-related information).

but it's like a big puzzle, where you have to figure out what goes into all the little boxes. with computers and the invention of online filing, they do all the math for you and copy from one box to another - which is kind of handy (especially when it gives you error messages about technical impossibilities due to typing something in wrong). and even handier are the little info boxes that you can click on to tell you whether this line applies to you and exactly what should go in the box. and with online/computer filing, it's a lot easier to get to the end and see if you won. 'cause even if the best part of puzzles is the feeling of accomplishment, feeling like you won something helps out a lot, too.

and when it comes to taxes, i usually win. i don't make a lot of money, and when i do, it tends to be short, random and overtaxed (at the time). and i think it's important to give money away to others, so i try to do that a lot. and i live in countries that encourage giving and socialism. and thus, i've never filed taxes where i didn't at least get some money back. and this year looks to be a pretty good year for getting money back (and i haven't even attempted the US taxes yet - i think i'll ask for some help there). no wonder i like doing my taxes, eh? the question now is, what should i do with this tax return gift? me and God have been talking about it a bit - and besides the bottomless pit of my old student loans, seeing a bit more of Europe with people i enjoy being with sounds pretty good to me :)

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