08 March 2009

a good saturday

i like the feeling of waking up and wondering what the day holds. and days when i have no specific plans often hold extra wonder - what sort of projects or studying/learning or fun things lie before me? and will i have the sense at the end of the day that i was just trying to fill up the hours until i returned to the regular planned events of most days or did i revel in the time to do whatever?

and saturday had the feeling of reveling in the freedom of the whatever. i got out of bed when i couldn't imagine staying in bed any longer; not beause i felt i had to get up. i went sailing (a bit of a last minute plan for me). i ate chocolate. i read. i biked through the park when the sun was shining. i spent good time with people i cared about. i laughed. i did some stuff on my computer. i had a long conversation with a friend back in canada. i went to chapel. i drank tea. and so on. and i delighted in the day, recognizing that there were other things that i could have done and even wanted to do but choosing to let those other things wait for another day and just enjoy what was.

the following are a couple of pictures of sailing.
me bundled up for the rather chilly sailing weather

the village/island Marken

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