29 March 2009

hours better with community

last night the clocks changed here in Europe (a bit later than in North America). and it also happened to be "Earth Hour" last evening.

i had breakfast with the community this morning. the only one missing was the boy who was still dreaming of the football game the night before. the rest of us were all there on time, with most of us awake enough to talk and tease each other a bit. it helps to have a community of people around to remind you of the change in clocks - and who will tease you if you're too sleepy at breakfast :)

and "Earth Hour" was something we also shared with the community. "Earth Hour" was on saturday evening from 8.30 to 9.30 - and the idea that you'd turn off all the non-essential lights (and electrical things), as a way of saving some electricity and raising awareness about the environment. because i do care about the environment, i had wanted to participate - but i figured i'd be in my room cosily reading a book by candlelight or downstairs drinking tea with my own lights technically off :). i ended up with both - downstairs drinking tea, by candlelight, and reading a children's book for a little while. the only things turned on were the bathroom lights (when needed) and the television (although you could probably guess what was happening in the football game based on the noise level on the street, for some it was pretty essential to watch the Netherlands beat Scotland). and it was gezellig with the candles on and others around, talking some, joking about not being able to wait to turn on the lights again so they could play Rummikub together but playing nonetheless (teasing each other about cheating - i'm not sure if it's harder or easier to cheat by candlelight). it was good to be part of a group of people willing to do something that was a bit inconvenient and not necessary to them because one or two people wanted to participate in Earth Hour. and i was glad to be able to be part of that with them.

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