23 April 2012

Going home

In a few days I will be travelling to Canada to visit family. I have been busy - tasks to get done before leaving,  plans to be made for when I will be there, and events/life here to participate in. And it has felt full and a bit overwhelming. How do I store up enough time with Matthijs before I go? how can I get in enough chapel and good community time? and how does one even prepare to go back home to my still fairly newly widowed father?

When I last left Canada, both my father and I started crying when he dropped me off at the airport. We both were returning to our normal lives that had sadly become a lot less normal - mine, less than his.

And now I am going back for my normal spring visit - except that this has also become different. It will be more time with family - staying a week at my dad's and spending extra time with my (pregnant!) sisters. The only thing that has not changed is that I am going back to visit people who love me dearly. I am thankful for the regular chances to visit but saddened that so often an ocean lies between me and ones I love - no matter which side of the ocean I'm on.

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