03 April 2012

A few photos of our time in Brugge

The following are some photos of our time in Brugge - a few from the monastery followed by some from the city itself.

Underway - on the ferry.
In the dining room of the monks.

In the library of the monks - notice the palmbranches placed between the books.


At the market - what the chickens are doing is for me still a question....

Waiting for the drawbridge - on the other side of the city gate (the canal is between the bikers and the gate).

In the Magdalena Church - I was fascinated by how the church made use of the space: the modern additions, although they do not interact so much with the traditional elements of the church, do not distract from it. And the middle section has the possibility of making the church more alive and constantly adapting

The Magdalena Church from the other side

The ideal partner for vacation - someone to carry my bags and who is able to amuse himself (it was his decision to buy the paper - not mine!)

More photos can be seen via Facebook.

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