08 April 2012

Easter is come!

Before the Easter vigil service last evening, Matthijs asked me if I was ready for Easter. I grumbled some kind of no in response. I wasn't ready - there were things I wanted to get finished and things in myself I hadn't managed to sort through and/or improve yet (despite the focus on spiritual disciplines during Lent). I needed more time!

But Easter does not wait for me - thankfully.
In the middle of my unfinished work and my knowledge of my brokenness and longing for something better, we came together to celebrate the resurrection of the LORD. Everything else fades in comparison.

Fortunately, before we started celebrating Easter, we had 12 readings, so I had some time to adjust to the wonder of Easter - time to move from my own disappointments into the light. And last night was only the foretaste of Easter - it was this morning, after helping set things up in the chapel for the services, and more church service and readings - that Easter came. And by then I was ready and willing to take on the hope of Easter (a huge breakfast following the service didn't hurt either :))

After all, since Jesus has conquered death, He is conqueror enough to heal and overcome the brokenness in me. Christ is risen!

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