08 May 2012

She's still here!!

My niece, Kaya, is responsible for one of my favourite moments in my visit to my family.

Last week Sunday evening, I arrived at my father's house. On Monday I went shopping with my dad and stopped in at my sister's house. My sister asked if Kaya wanted to go to Grandpa's house with me - of course! And we had a great afternoon of doing puzzles together and playing the piano. On Tuesday, I visited their house to get my hair done. On Wednesday, I went with my dad to visit friends and my other niece.

On Thursday afternoon, I was sitting behind the computer at my dad's place when Kaya came in. She took one look at me and then looked at her mom with big wide eyes and said with a voice of wonder: "She's still here!!"
I have to admit that at that moment I felt superloved.

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