16 June 2009

umm... things don't just fix themselves, you know...

i think i learnt the phrase "things don't just fix themselves" from my parents. i'm not sure, but it fits them, so i'll go with it. i was reminded of the idea behind it this past weekend.

sometime in the day on sunday, somebody mentioned to me that he'd gone into the bathroom upstairs early on sunday morning and the light was burnt out. early in the evening, i got out a new light bulb for him. he'd disappeared so i offered it to someone else - but they said that it's probably not the bulb but that there's just no electricity in that part of the house. and somebody's light had gone 'pop' last night. apparently most of the people in that area of the house had all come to the conclusion that there was no electricity there (so no use in washing your clothes).

what puzzled (and somewhat exasperated) me is that although there was a consensus that the electricity was out, i hadn't been told about it (and this weekend i was the most obvious person responsible for fixing these kind of inconveniences). nor had anyone else who probably could have fixed it been told. so i mentioned to the right person that the electricity was probably out upstairs in the house, went to check on it myself, a switch got flipped - and voilá, light in the bathroom again!

the community/house has a bit of a reputation for things rarely getting fixed on time. i'm starting to understand where this reputation might come from - and i guess it's to be expected with so many different people in a house and it being sometimes (often?) unclear about what could be done and who could do it.

i did mention to several of those who were aware of the problem that problems generally get fixed faster and better if you tell someone (at least somewhat in charge) about the problem....
although in this situation, the thing did fix itself in a way - it just took a bit of exasperation and inconvenience :)

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