06 June 2009

a tulip field adventure

in honour of spring in the netherlands, which started about 1.5 months ago (although unfortunately in the last few days temporarily disappeared), a couple of friends and i went (then) out in search of tulips - more specifically, tulip fields.

the original plan was to take the train to Voorhout and rent bikes there in order to bike to Lisse through the tulip field areas. The bike renting thing didn't work out so well, so we changed plans by walking around Voorhout - just to explore it and see what was there. And we bumped into a little grassfield, an old church, with a beautiful graveyard, and even some tulips - but no tulip fields :(

so off again with the train - north to Hillegom. and there (as you can see in the picture of the train), we bumped into fields upon fields of tulips. ironically enough we managed not to bump into the crowds of people and the rather large flower parade, that was happening in the same place as we were. i'm not entirely sure how that happened, but it does say something about the random-ness of adventures.

And below are some final pictures of our adventure:

beautiful, eh?

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