26 June 2009

Some Photos from a Friend's Wedding

The following photos are from the wedding of two friends of mine - both active participants in the community. They were originally placed in the 100-praatjes, the internal newspaper of the community here.

as for the wedding itself, it was a joy to be there. Jan was befuddled at times, as would be expected of the groom who can barely take in the wonder of getting married to the beautiful woman he loves. and Natascha was bubbling - as one would expect of someone overflowing from the joy of marrying the one she loves. as Natascha put it, it was like Sinter Klaas eve - but 10 times better!

as you can expect, it was a delight to get to share the day with them :)
[and i got to dance for a couple of hours while there, which was a delightful bonus!]

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