28 June 2009

some thing strange

i received/read the following quote today:
"If you haven't found something strange during the day, it hasn't been much of a day."
John A. Wheeler

it made me laugh, as i don't think there are too many days that go by where i don't think, hmm, that's odd. i mostly blame the community for that.

for instance, on friday night, we received 8 free refrigerators. i'd heard they were coming a few days before, so it wasn't a surprise. but seriously, what do you do with 8 fridges? apparently, we've managed to find homes for most of them - although there are still two that you just miss bumping into when you walk into the office.

yesterday, i walked into our room where the freezers are - and bumped into boxes of Easter eggs. i immediately started laughing. two years ago, we'd also received Easter eggs - and it took us until practically Christmas to eat them all. even if most of us do like chocolate, seeing an unending supply of Easter eggs throughout the summer and fall will produce some groaning... ah, well, at least for now, we're all happily pillaging this stash :)

after cleaning up from our goodbye party, a number of us sat around drinking wine and continuing to talk and enjoy the gezillegheid. off to the corner of our courtyard, somebody began cutting another's hair - acting like she does this all the time. i discovered that she and her roommate apparently do - they've cut the hair of quite a number of people in the community! but this time, they got a bit more commentary on it - about how the two roommates have very different styles of cutting (one is more interested in style and another more about making it shorter). and about how it's a good thing that the guy getting his hair cut has a lovely face :)

and as i write this, someone is singing in the hallway outside of the office. and it's actually pretty good. and i've had coffee and apple pie with cake after church, been impressed by a couple of little girls hula hooping, and now i get to do whatever i want for the rest of the day. i tell you, it's a hard life here :) at least, it's definitely not dull.

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