15 May 2009

a slight delay - due to vacation and travelling and so forth

vacation and travels are delaying my posting more of my thoughts and pictures (from now and before this trip). a large part of the reason is that i've had a poor internet connection for much of the time - and i left behind the cord i need to import pictures from my camera. but i've also been fairly busy with visiting and networking and doing the random errands that are easier to do on this side of the ocean. and thus, i've had limited time and energy to sort through and share my thoughts and/or pictures.

hopefully, they'll come eventually - but it might still take awhile. first it's my parents' anniversary, then it's a plane trip, then it's adjusting to life back in Amsterdam, then it's a weekend camping (the pilgrimage), and then it's the community's internal newspaper (of which i'm an editor), and then mostly likely something else....
as you can see, my life will soon return to its semi-normalness :)

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