29 May 2009

and just like that i'm moving!

my moving feels a bit sudden. several months ago i had written a letter to the community requesting that i be allowed to live in one of the apartments of the community (and move out of the main house). this would give me more space - more physical space in terms of having an actual kitchenette and a loft for my bedroom and more space in terms of being a bit more separate from all of what happens in the main house). but with everything that's been going on in my life and the community, i hadn't heard anything for quite awhile.

and then all of a sudden, two days ago, i was told that i could move - to this or this apartment that's also part of the community. and so i checked out the apartment that appealed more to me, thought and prayed about it some, told a few people, and decided that it would be good to move there. and yesterday i got the keys, the rental contract, and the official paperwork in order to change my address at the gemeente huis (city hall).i can move in next week already - 1 june!

and i think my biggest plans for this weekend will be cleaning and packing. good thing i have lots of practice at both!

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