13 April 2014

Holy Week - just different

I am entering Holy Week in a monastery. Matthijs and I are spending 4 days doing bibliodrama. I am full of delightful expectation and am hoping to be surprised by God and learn much.

The only complaint I have is that it it is hard to concentrate on Christ's suffering this week, journeying towards Good Friday to finally be delighted and overjoyed by Easter. The problem is that it feels like Easter has already come. After all, I am home by Matthijs. I have seen loved ones I have missed. I biked through 3 parks in Amsterdam this afternoon and am spending a whole week with Matthijs focusing on the Bible - in a former castle (surrounded by a moat! and around that a forest to walk in). Everything is green because spring arrived here before I did. And I am adventuring with Matthijs, one of my most favourite things to do!

I am expecting this week to be holy; but like Lent, it will be different.

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