21 February 2014

Seeing that the changes are good

Much has changed in my life these last few weeks (and not just the transition in weather). That has taken time and energy to process, which explains some of my absence on this blog. Being in a new place, finding new rhythms and simply figuring out how best to be myself and use my gifts in a new place can be hard. It has also been confusing to know how best to be a blessing to the campus ministry here in Lansing while also honouring the government's regulations about work and visas.

Yet, at the same time, it has felt very much that God has been letting me know that this place and my fit with this ministry is good. With all the challenges involved in moving across an ocean, leaving behind the life I've loved in Amsterdam, along with the complications of work visas, I feel extra blessed for experiencing a sense of 'this is good' from God. Matthijs and I have both been thankful that I've been able to delight so much in the minstry here and see how God aready has been working.

If you'd like to read more about the ministry here and what I've been seeing thus far, you can read (some of) my thoughts on the Campus Edge blog. Just follow the link: http://campusedgemsu.wordpress.com/ !

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Jenny said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences about moving and reflections on how changes, although difficult, can be good. It dawned on me while reading this blog post -- are you Kory Plockmeyer's replacement at Campus Edge? Somehow I think it slipped past me that you are involved in this particular ministry -- Francis and I had a really fantastically enriching experience in our relationships through Campus Edge with graduate students while we were at MSU, and I wonder if a number of our friends might not still be finishing up their degrees and you might know. In any case, I can imagine the ministry must be so thankful to have you, and I encourage you to stay encouraged! Thank you for sharing all that you do in this space, and for pouring out into others' lives in many countless ways!