18 February 2014

Prayers related to driving

A few weeks ago, I got to be at the mission presentation of friends of mine, Anthony and Sara, as they were preparing to return to Uganda. It was a delight to see them again after all this time and to hear, in person, about their hopes and desires for their time serving God in Uganda. I've enjoyed keeping up with them via their blog (http://anthsara.blogspot.nl/), so little of what they said was a surprise; yet, one thing did strike me.

When someone asked if they had any special prayer requests, they highlighted 'safety when it comes to driving and being driven.' Anthony pointed out that in Uganda, like in North America, driving is one of the most dangerous things one can do, as accidents cause many deaths and injuries. The words have stayed with me, more so after learning that on the very same day he said this, Christian Reformed retirees in Florida were tragically experiencing the sad truth of his words. The Banner, the Christian Reformed magazine tells the story: Florida vacation turns to nightmare. Your prayers are requested for all those injured or mourning loved ones. 

I ask also prayers of awareness and protection for all those who drive here. In my return to North America, I step into a vehicle almost every day, and I, too, seem to have forgotten the potential danger involved. Driving is simply what one does here. I'd rather not, but there does not really seem to be much choice. I would like to choose to do it better, more aware of how much I need God and prayer in this every day, normal, activity. I would like to live more with a thankfulness for the safety which I have experienced and a prayerfulness and watchfulness regarding the potential danger my presence to the road can cause to others, especially those not in vehicles.

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