19 February 2014

It's pretty, God, but...

Driving to church on Sunday, I informed God that I was tired of the snow already. Once again the roads had several inches of snow on them, and I had to drive on them.

Typical of most conversations I have with God, this one did not entirely end in my favour. He was, at least, gracious enough not to point that I had been 'suffering' from the snow for only 3 weeks, whereas most people have been dealing with it for 3 months! And they have done so without my mobility, youth and/or their father's big old 4-wheel drive pickup truck (that's pretty great in the snow). 

Instead, a gentle voice said another truth: how beautiful the snow was. There's nothing quite like seeing all the trees covered with several inches of snow - and that describes my whole drive on Sunday morning. So I thanked God for the beauty. I did mention that it's easier to appreciate it when it it isn't constant, but I'm sure He's more than aware of that detail. I imagine I'm not the only one who's shouting up prayers of thanks for the warm sun and bit of melting we're getting today :)

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