17 January 2014

The beginning of the chaos

Life has finally once again settled into its usual rhythms after the Christmas holidays, for which I am grateful. However, it is overshadowed by the fact these rhythms are now only temporary.

Christmas was only the beginning of the chaos. The familiar patterns of life, when Matthijs and I will even be capable of keeping these rhythms, will look much different in the next 6 months as we go through the process of moving to Michigan and I become campus pastor for Campus Edge Fellowship (a CRC ministry to MSU grad students).

At the end of next week, I fly out to Canada to visit with family.
In February I'll be in Michigan in order to prepare for my work with the campus ministry. And the ministry has its own rhythms, which I'll want to adjust to quickly. Yet, it'll be odd to go through the daily rhythms (and even re-learn them) without Matthijs around. I assume for Matthijs it will be the same.
In March, Matthijs hopes to come visit and discern better what he might do when we live there.
In April, I return to the Netherlands for Easter.
In May, I hope to be working in Michigan.
Then much of June and July back in the Netherlands in order to move, deal with the dissertation, and say good-byes to this place and these people.

I am excited to begin - waiting for such a change brings its own chaos with it. But I am not so much looking forward to the chaos of the unknown rhythms and structure awaiting both of us these coming months. I hope and pray that we will both find some kind of order and structure quickly. Thankfully, the support we have on both sides of the ocean has been a blessing with finding peace in the midst of this large change.

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