31 January 2014

Thankfulness and arriving amidst prayers

I arrived in Lansing this week. So much is new. Matthijs is far away in Amsterdam. My work visa hasn't come in yet, so even coming into the country was a point of concer. Would they let me be here to volunteer while I prepare for this ministry? And now that they have let me in, how do I be here well? Not working but still ministering to those who are part of the campus ministry here.

If I list everything like that, it sounds overwhelming. There have been moments when it has felt overwhelming. Yet, those moments have been few and far between.

More often I have felt thankful and blessed.
- thankful for all those who are so enthusiastic about my being here;
- thankful that Matthijs is just a skype phone call away; talking to him helps give me courage and everything just seems so much better;
- thankful that it hasn't been too complicated to settle into life in Lansing - my time in Grand Rapids helped a lot with knowing how things work (and hopefully that will be a blessing to Matthijs, too, when he comes);
- thankful for the place that I have found to live - it's a new adventure in community! The people here are gracious and friendly, and I'm looking forward to walking alongside them for awhile. And like all good communities it has a cat :) The cat has adopted me, making me feel more at home.
- thankful for all those who have been praying for me - both here and in Amsterdam. People who didn't even know me have been diligently praying about my visa and coming. And many more are praying for my transition into life here and the challenge of being so far away from Matthijs and Amsterdam, for which I am thankful;
- thankful that I'm beginning to get a sense of what I'm to do here for now: fall in love with these people and this place and this church and the ministry. Encourage the work that those here are already doing, and walk alongside watching, praying, and wondering about what's next for all of us.

I'm glad that the beginning of my time here has been filled with so much thankfulness.

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