31 December 2013

2013 in Pictures

I just spent half the afternoon trying to add pictures to an end-of-year letter from Matthijs and I. It finally worked, but half way through I wondered why I wasn't saving myself a lot of work by simply putting the pictures on my blog. So here are the highlights of 2013 from Matthijs and me:

Matthijs with Jens in Dresden (Christmas 2012)

Easter Labyrinth in the chapel (march)
On retreat in Brugge - april?

Queens Day - yes, this is normal attire (april)
Lourdes (Matthijs' trip in june)

Our bed and breakfast in St. Cloud, Paris (june)

With Cecile in Paris (june)

Walking in Norway at the retreat (july) [With thanks to Pieter for the photo!]
Norway - july
Durham cathedral (Matthijs' trip in the july heat wave)

Austria (Brenda - august)
with Willemijn in Austria (august)

Heyink family at (Canadian) Thanksgiving (october)

Chicago landscape from the Stained Glass museum (october)
The cat - always

Travelling - off to new adventures!


Anthony said...

I'd love to go to some of those beautiful places!

Brenda said...

I hope you can! It's been one of the great blessings of living in Europe. (and tomorrow we head out for Munich for a few days :) But we're also looking forward to exploring things on your side of the ocean soon.