15 December 2013

Waiting for Christmas and trusting in the midst of the unexpected

I came home after a lunch at church today to discover that Matthijs had found a place for our angel to hang while we wait for Christmas. I'm not sure if he'll make it onto a tree this year - we're either gone or celebrating the holidays within the community for most of the 12 days of Christmas - so we might just pass on the tree. But hopefully the lights and our (Advent) star will also be placed out today or tomorrow. The nativity scene will also be made ready, with the shepherds in a field somewhere and wise men under way to meet the soon-to-be-born Messiah. This all makes the waiting for Christmas a bit more real.

At the same time, the angel on an airplane feels extra special this year. When we found him three years ago, the angel made me think of hope and trust in the midst of the unexpected. As we approach Christmas this year, it feels like we need an extra reminder to trust in the midst of the unexpected. Not only as we spend extra time flying in the next months, but more so as we further prepare for the newest adventure in our lives: a move to America!

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