24 June 2011

Praying for those surrounded by darkness

During the evening vespers at the Oude Kerk (Old Church), we often have a moment to remember others. During that time, we sing:

Wie door het duister zijn omringd noemen wij U in stilte.
Want voor U is het duister niet donker : de nacht licht op als de dag, het duister is helder als licht.

Translation (fairly literal):
Those who are surrounded by darkness - we bring them before You in silence.
Since for You the darkness is not dark: the night lights up (shines) as the day, the darkness is as clear as light.

text: Mirella Klomp
music: Christiaan Winter

As we sing the song, I am reminded of those who are suffering - often those who feel far away from the light of God. Last Sunday, my mind was turned especially to those suffering with emotional problems and how those problems seem to place people in the midst of darkness and despair. At times, the emotional difficulties threaten to extinguish hope and a sense of God's light in the midst of the darkness.

For those wanting to know more about emotional difficulties, as a way of gaining awareness or to direct prayers for those suffering, catapult magazine recently published an issue regarding mental illness. I also chose to write in this article: an article entitled Understanding emotional sickness.

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