07 June 2011

Encouragement to blog

Blogging is one of the 'good things' in my life. I generally enjoy the writing, and all the responses I've had to my writing have been really encouraging. It's still a somewhat astonishing to me that so many people would be interested in reading about my life and my thoughts.

Seeing how good blogging has been for me, it's no surprise then that I'd want to encourage others to blog. And seeing as Matthijs is the one I spend most of my time with, it's no surprise that he's received a lot of encouragement in that direction these past six months :) And how could I not encourage him? I think he's got lots of great thoughts in his head that I think are worth sharing (as do others - he has already written some opinion pieces for the newspaper!). The act of writing a blog, with the challenge of its concise format and the need to make it comprehensible to a more general audience, can be a good means of sorting through one's thoughts.

Certainly blogging isn't for everyone, and finding one's 'voice' in blogging can take quite awhile. Thus, the less pressure at the beginning the better: I know I should be low-key about it. Yet, I can't help but be excited about Matthijs's finding another means to express his thoughts and participate in the world around him.

And I have to admit that my encouraging Matthijs is slightly out of self-interest. I know that my writing allows me to show others a side of myself that isn't always so obvious. And as I have some clue of the ideas bouncing on in Matthijs's head, I'll not only encourage every opportunity he has to practice expressing them well, I'll also gladly look forward to reading/hearing more about them. I imagine it'll lead to even more delightful dinner time conversations here :)

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