03 June 2011

Adventures with Crystle: Exploring Delft and Rotterdam

During my recent trip to Canada, I couldn't visit with Crystle because she was at a sailing competition at the same time (in the Netherlands, ironically). Fortunately for me she decided to stay a couple of extra days so I could see her when I got back. Once I'd had a good night's sleep, we decided to have an adventure exploring: we chose Delft and Rotterdam.

My original thoughts were to take the train to Delft, walk around, take the train to Rotterdam, rent bikes and bike around, and then return on the train. Crystle suggested we bike to Delft, which seemed like a lovely idea, so we did. When we got there, we followed a walking tour of the city. And then we biked to Rotterdam since we were already halfway. Biking to Rotterdam has been on my list of wishes for awhile, so it's great to have done that (and with Crystle!).

And like most exploring trips, it was full of adventure. We left with maps, a city walking tour book, and general ideas - and we'd see what we'd find.
And what did we find?
- a visit to Delft's Old Church and New Church,
- spring rolls and fried fish from vendors,
- a coloured cow in the middle of a square,
- a view of the parade of flags and cubed houses,
- bread, grapes and beer from a supermarket (with the beer being opened with a key chain - it works but I don't recommend it!),
- a trip through the bike tunnel under the Maas river (also on my list of things to do)
- and sore bums and legs from biking 41 km, each of us sharing time on the fold-up bike.

A couple of pictures and our route are here below:

In the garden of the Prinsenhof
The entrance/exit of the bike tunnel under the Maas River

View 1 june bike ride - Den Haag to Delft to Rotterdam in a larger map

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