25 April 2011

Knowing that I am loved

I know that Matthijs loves me. It's obvious in what he says and does (and how patient he is with me). But I got to see another level to that love the other night.

Matthijs and I were sleeping on the top bunk of a bunkbed contraption (hoogslaper in dutch). At five in the morning we both awoke to a crash - and the first thing I hear from Matthijs is my name, clearly conveying his concern that my falling out of bed was the source of the crash. Thankfully it was only the cat knocking something over.

And I felt moved that when awoken from deep sleep, my well-being was the first thing that came to Matthijs's mind. His love for me is something that clearly goes to the core of his being, and knowing that someone loves me that much feels pretty great.

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Kim said...

Love this entry - what a wonderful thing love is, hey?