08 April 2011

25 kilometres on the bike plus a soccer game

Yesterday, I got to play soccer. The challenge is that I do that in Amsterdam, and it's in the evening. In order to catch the first possible train home (so I can be home at a semi-reasonable hour), I head out towards the closest train station shortly after the game. Generally, it works out great: Most of the stadiums are a reasonable distance from a train station, I get to play soccer, and I'm not home too late (or I come home late with Matthijs on Thursday nights since he has choir rehearsal).

There's just one problem. No matter how great the fold-up bike is, 25 kms is a significant distance on it in one day. And I don't think it particularly helped with my energy for the soccer game :( But at least we won, and today I'm not sore. Yet, I will admit that after 25 km and a soccer game, I'm happy with staying home all day and doing nothing more physically demanding than typing, doing dishes and vaccuuming :)

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