19 September 2008

praying for the women in the windows (2)

as my offer of coffee and tea opens the windows of the women around me, i hear stories and learn names. some of the stories are sad and some are hopeful.

there is the woman from Italy who considers the work to be good - and she does make lots of money. but she seems callused and like a piece of her is missing. as she blatantly displays her body as something worthy of being sold, i wonder how healthy it can be. she seems so young and immature, not seeing that her great ability to disconnect from her work (and make good money) might be hurting her.

and i see the woman from Russia who chose to work with another women - because business was better then. and it seemed to be a good thing for both of them. but i do not see her partner anymore - and her face seems sadder and more closed. and i do not know if she will tease those of us who visit anymore - inviting us back, saying that business is always better when we come (a compliment i'm not sure how to take!).

and there is the woman who invited me in right before her window was being closed, excited to tell me that she was leaving this work. she was doing what most people say they'll do, but don't - because leaving is hard. but her window was closing, so she's choosing to do something in the line of hair and cosmetics. and she was so happy - and i was happy for her!

and then there is the woman who started going to an Alpha course (a program held by churches to teach more about the gospel). and her partner/man was happy for her because he saw that it brought her joy. and she told us about the weekend where they experienced the Holy Spirit - and how good it was. and i wondered - what happens now? how does she take the world that she knows - a world where she has steady customers who she seems to help - and reconcile it with the gospel that she is growing to know and love more?

and we try to treat them with respect, show we care about their lives, and reminding them they are precious (the woman from Salvation Army does that so well in telling the women that they are beautiful). and i pray for them. i pray for the situations they have come from and all the things that made it is possible for the women to be here. i pray that each of them might be able to have a different life from the windows; while still praying that they might receive grace and strength and protection and love already now. and i pray that i might be able to reach out and help in some way.

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Anonymous said...

Wow - thanks for your insight, Brenda!! What an interesting perspective.