10 September 2008

community branching out from Amsterdam

one of the great things about community is being able to share it with others. and i feel like i've been able to do that quite a lot lately - sometimes just being a friendly face willing to help out to others visiting or moving to Amsterdam and sometimes sharing the crazy family i've found in Oudezijds 100. and in this way, my knowledge found in living here, my having found a home here, and the delight i've found in being part of a community are things i've been able to share - with friends from back home, relatives, and people from my home church.

an indirect part of that sharing has also been my delightful connection to the Kirkendall community in Hamilton, which was started with help from my friends, Dave and Crystle. Dave and Crystle mention in the article that their visit to an intentional community in Amsterdam (that's us!) really solidified their desire to begin the community. And as the community has taken shape, i've been allowed to hear and see what's been going on in since they've started - sharing my experience here, being excited about what they're doing there, and getting to know everybody better.

The Hamilton Spectator just published this past weekend an article on the Kirkendell group. Although I like many things about the article and the words therein, some of Emma's words are the ones I want to highlight: "we are trying to share our hope and just the joy of living together, in the downtown especially." The intention of the community here is similar: "Rejoicing in hope in the innercity of Amsterdam." These words fit with our calling as Christians - living out what we believe in the place where God has put (called) us.

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