10 July 2016

The joy found in beginning a new school (year)

Matthijs recently received a letter telling him all about "Math Camp." It's a week-long event, highly recommended for political science folks (and designed by someone in poli-sci!) to allow them to enter the year confident about their ability to handle the math component of their program.

Matthjs, being ever gracious, shared the letter with me. I'm a bit of a math geek, so I'm pretty certain I'd thoroughly enjoy going to math camp for a week! I imagine I'll still enjoy it through getting to experience it second-hand, through Matthijs.

Reading Matthijs' letter about math camp, made me feel the joy I always had as I anticipated the beginning of a new school year/program. The joy was always more concrete with such a letter because I could begin to picture all of the things I'd get to learn and do. I loved the joy and hope those letters brought with them about everything that'd happen and all that we were going to study.

I had forgotten that feeling, so I'm looking forward to Matthijs going back to school and my getting to experience some of these joys vicariously through him.

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