14 July 2016

Sometimes pastoring is making home-made pizza...

On the last study of the regular school year, I made home-made pizza for dinner. And no one showed up. It was exam time, so it wasn't completely unexpected, but there's still something a bit disconcerting about taking the time and energy to prepare a study and food only to have no one enjoy it at that time.

And yet, it was also a reminder that pastoring doesn't always look like I think it should. While God can use me to bless others through leading a study, at certain times, the best pastoring comes simply through making home-made pizza, storing it in plastic containers in the fridge, and sending out an email for everyone to come, take, and eat. Please come when you can and nourish yourself with good food during exam week - and, as for me, I get to leave early and delight in a concert where 2 of my students were playing.  

Leanne Friesen recently wrote a blog about how pastoring doesn't always look like we expect it should. The following is a mixture of my own list, followed by some of her examples of what pastoring sometimes looks like:
- Sometimes pastoring is making pizza and not leading Bible study;- Sometimes pastoring is attending concerts. 
- Sometimes pastoring is typing someone else's essay when I think I should be using my great Hebrew knowledge;
- Sometimes pastoring is emailing. And more emailing. And more emailing.
- Sometimes pastoring is crying and hoping for others, because grad school is hard on people
- Sometimes pastoring is being honest. Even and especially to myself.
"Sometimes pastoring is preparing for a board meeting and taking lots of notes.
Sometimes pastoring is preparing for a hard conversation and praying lots of prayers.
Sometimes pastoring is photocopying handouts.
Sometimes pastoring is the heartbreak of seeing someone walk away from faith.
Sometimes pastoring is balancing a budget.
Sometimes pastoring is giving someone a ride. 
Sometimes pastoring is walking through the aisles of your church pews or chairs and picking up garbage left from the week before." 

She has lots more, so I encourage you to check out her post.

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