26 March 2014

Women suffering (I)

This is one of the things that I think the church should be getting excited about and praying about.

Being female makes it more obvious for me to be concerned about women's rights. Having visited prostitutes these past few years has only increased that concern: so many of the women have stories of how they've been judged, condemned, and mistreated. How can we, as a church, be okay with this happening, even if we believe that prostitution is not good? How greater should our concern not be since the judgements, mistreatment and condemnation usually started long before the women entered into prostitution?

The following article presents what the covers of women's magazines might look like if they focused on "women who are invisible to society": http://msmagazine.com/blog/2014/03/08/we-heart-fake-magazine-covers-that-expose-real-inequality/ 
It is worth a look simply to put into perspective the usual concerns of women's magazines: they seem so trivial when applied to women who are child brides, sex workers, or slaves.

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