29 March 2014

Really? Don't we have better things to get excited about?

For those of you outside of the United States you might have been oblivious to the World Vision controversy this week. A brief synopsis: World Vision said they were willing to employ gays in committed relationships, a huge uproar came from the evangelical community (with appropriate countervoices), and World Vision changed its views.

Really? Don't we have better things to get excited about?

I don't believe that homosexual relationships are part of God's good order. However, I also believe that God can use people, irrelevant of their sexual preference. I also believe that promiscuity - whether it be homosexual or, even more common, heterosexual - is sin, and the consequences of it are often pain and difficulties. Nonetheless, despite believing these things I still think there's a lot better things that we as Christians ought to be getting excited about and, more importantly, being known for in the public eye.

I think the Canadian branch of World Vision responded to the situation well, so I will link that here: http://churches.worldvision.ca/our-christian-identity-responding-to-world-vision-us-hiring-policy-change/

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