23 April 2013

Easter Labyrinth

On Holy Saturday, artist friends set up a labyrinth in the chapel of the community (see the blog about art in the chapel [also in English, albeit less frequently updated). It was a wonderful way of becoming still and, amidst the busyness of Easter, become physically more attuned to God. Walking the labyrinth reminded me of each person’s own journey with God – the long path, which sometimes seems to repeat itself and go nowhere quickly, of walking with and following God. It is an experience I had already a number of years ago walking a labyrinth, and it was good to remember how such a simple experience can touch one so deeply. It is as if, through physically re-enacting one’s walk with God, one sees and knows the journey in a new way.

Theologically, it also reminded me of the strange middle-ness of Holy Saturday – the day when sometimes you cannot see the end of the journey or the hope inherent in Easter and the resurrection. And so each time we came to chapel, the long pathway of the middle was a physical reminder of those stuck not knowing which way or to whom to turn.

I am thankful to those who made this possible (e.g., Willemijn, zr Rosaliene, David) and hope that more geurilla labyrinths will appear so that others can also remember (and hopefully next time I will have more energy and time to be able to help this strange and wonderful ministry).

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