05 March 2013

Reading the Bible well: Sesame Street, boys, dolls, and bears

In certain areas of the blogosphere, there has been discussion about whether Sesame Street was undermining Christian values by encouraging a young boy bear to play with dolls. The blog of Rachel Held Evans does a good job in summarizing and participating in the discussion, so for those who are interested, please follow the link.

Irrelevant of my thoughts on the whole discussion and my lack of desire to participate in it, a blog by Matt Mikalatos on the topic is simply too funny not to share. He exegetes the Sesame Street incident by highlighting that it is a boy bear who is encouraged to play with dolls. This is highly unbiblical, as bears in the Bible are not encouraged to play with dolls. Instead, bears are commanded to ravish and destroy people. The conclusion that I thus make is that the only kind of play that a bear (male or female) might be engaging in with people is the same sort of "play" that a cat has with a mouse, and that usually does not end well for the mouse.

Mikalotos continues his close exegesis of mixing of humans and bears by pointing out the problem of humans playing with teddy bears. This involves pictures and satirical commentary, worth stopping by for a smile/laugh.

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