31 March 2013

Easter = tired

Easter has come. Instead of the hallelujahs echoing out of my mouth, there've been a lot of yawns. I'm a bit annoyed at my level of tiredness and grouchiness. After all, how can I help others celebrate Easter well when I'm not really in a mood to celebrate? (i.e., I'd rather be alone and/or lying in bed).

I'm tired mostly because I get to be in charge of the community this weekend. That in itself can be a challenge but it doesn't help that this weekend is twice as long as a normal one. Thankfully I wasn't in charge of the services, and I did get a lot of extra help. But it was still a lot, especially as no one else on the weekend team really cooks (that's then 3 dinners and 1 large Easter breakfast (for about 50 people :) to organize, including the craziness of painting Easter eggs with 15 children and making lambs from butter - both of which I had never done before.) On top of that, some personal situations and organizational things pushed extra things on to the weekendteam as it was hard to know who else was willing and able to take over what needed to be done.

But perhaps tired is not so strange a feeling for Easter, especially the first Easter. The disciples world was turned upside down. And not once, but twice. First their beloved king Jesus was killed and buried. And then he rose! So many emotions and questions and changes! And that's not even dwelling upon tomorrow and the next day. What happens now that everything is different? Jesus is risen - death has been conquered. And so we are being made new.

For those of us who've participated in Easter vigils or sunrise services and/or have been responsible for parts of the Easter services, tiredness is inevitable. But it is a tiredness mixed with a sense of completeness for we  have once again remembered and believed. And in believing, we are given strength for the tomorrows, whatever comes, whether that be simply cooking for 12 people, visiting the zoo, finishing a dissertation, sending cards to loved ones, and/or searching for how best to be faithful to the risen Lord.

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