08 November 2012

On Vacation

Once again I'm in Canada visiting family and friends. This is the official baby visit - I had 4 new babies to meet! Thankfully everything has been going well with them, and it's been delightful to meet all these little people. And Matthijs and I have gotten to see some different places: Toronto downtown, Owen Sound, St. Jacob's markets (today), so that's also been really fun.

Vacation hasn't been so great for the dissertation, though (nor was getting ready for leaving all that great for it), as you can see by the lack of updates on it. However, the end of this trip will hopefully change that, as I'll be going to the Society of Biblical Literature Conference in Chicago. I'm mostly looking forward to that (the thousands of people part is the part I'm not looking forward to), especially as I get to meet others interested in linguistics and the Hebrew language!

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