07 June 2012

and that was May

The following are some of the statistics in my life from April 26 until today:
- number of days spent travelling - approximately 4; of which about 28 hours were spent in airports or planes, 30 hours in a car or van, 4 hours on a bus, and about 15 hours in a train.
- countries visited - Canada, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, United States and Germany (the last two don't really count since it was only an airport).
- number of nights not spent sleeping with Matthijs - 17 - mostly because of my visit to Canada, although a few nights are because of work things that Matthijs has had to attend.
- number of different places Matthijs and I have slept - 9 - the visit to France, conferences and my visit to Canada all make for a lot of different places to sleep. 
- hours on a bike: maybe 20 - it's been a really bad month in that regard - fortunately, I've been walking tons so I don't feel super unhealthy.
- number of loads of laundry I've done - probably 20 - it's also been a bad month in that regard - it feels like at least one load every other day.
 - cities and/or major attractions visited: Toronto, Hamilton, Strathroy, St. Thomas, Chatham, Cluny, Deventer, Kampen, TaizĂ©, Haarlem, Zaanse Schans.
- read/completed morning and/or evening prayer almost every day - taken from the lay person's variation of the monastic daily offices (in Dutch)
- number of out-of-town visitors - 5 (but only 2 tours of Amsterdam given) - May is the month to visit :)
- number of guests for dinner - only 6 (the 20+ nights of one or both of us not being home might relate to that).
- less than 20 hours in church and chapel - this is actually really low (4 hours are from church services last Sunday!) mostly because I haven't been at chapel often - either because I was away or because I preferred not being around other people much.
- hours worked - way too few.
- books read - at least 10 - noteable have been Berlin's Dynamics of Parallelism, Dossier Vrouwenhandel, Genova's Vrouwen te Koop, Bessenecker's the New Friars, Mosterd's Echte mannen eten geen kaas and novels by Lynn Austin and Steven James.
- average temperature - too cold or too warm. Honestly, we had a couple of days that were 30+ degrees and super-humid so that the house was almost unbearably stuffy, and in France we were freezing - the temperature at night getting down to less than 5 degrees!

For the most part, it's an impressive list (that's also partly because I cheated and counted about 45 days, instead of 30!).

So what are my hopes/wishes for June (and July)?
- more time biking!
- less travelling
- at least as many books read, including more on human trafficking, information visualization, Foster's the Freedom of Simplicity, and finishing up the book on parallelism.
- more time writing and working behind my computer
- less time away from my own bed (Matthijs, too :))
- more dinner guests and more eating at home, in general.
- and lots of laughter - 'cause one can never have too much!!

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