23 June 2012

6 months

It is today six months since my mother passed away. And yet it seems so very long ago that she asked me to clean out the shower for her because she wasn't strong enough to scrub the walls, when I spent so much time with her waiting in the emergency room, when she cried in her hospital bed upon seeing her sister, when she apologized that her being sick had ruined our visit, when she thanked me for helping out so much, and when I hugged her good-bye, expecting to see her again within a few weeks - and help out while she'd be going through chemotherapy.

That all seems so long ago, and yet, the sadness still lingers. It is not the sharp pain that it used to be - something that, at times, threatened to derail everyday activities. Instead, the sadness has become a quiet acceptance that life has changed - alongside the reality of missing Mom and all the support and love she gave.

Through God's grace and the encouragement of so many of those around us, my family and I have made it through these months. Life has once again found a new balance, plans for the future are being made, and hope and wonder are once again regular visitors.

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