12 July 2011

Wat een stom kleur!

Last Saturday as we were painting the house, I asked my soon-to-be neighbours what they thought of the then current colour of our study. The mother kind of hemmed and hawed and didn't really give an answer. Her five year-old daughter, however, felt free enough to say 'wat een stom kleur' (what a dumb colour)! As the colour of the room was a combination of pink and peach (neither being colours I appreciate), I couldn't help but agree with her. This was a woman after my own heart. I think we'll get along marvelously.

The fact that the five-year-old and her younger sister are enamoured by my cat (which their mom graciously agreed to watch while we were on London - and again these few days that we're packing up) only strengthens my sense that this neighbour relationship will continue to be a joy :)

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