18 February 2010

Just another normal donation

Part of the adventure of living here is that we get the most random of donations. For example, at the moment we're eating pepernoten (gingerbread kind of things) from Sinterklaas. We usually eat Easter eggs in november (for whatever reason, we get several humongous boxes of them in May most years - and don't get into them in the summer (they're locked up or forgotten) - and hence we're still eating them in November).

Those are the normal donations. The odder ones are the 300 olliebollen and the 8 fridges. Although I think I've now bumped into an even odder one.

The other day, as I was getting bread out of the freezer, I noticed a large stack of small square boxes on a shelf next to the freezer. It had a picture of this happy couple, smiling at each other in a sort of romantic way. It was semi-tasteful but still reminded me too much of a condom commercial. I was curious, so I looked a bit closer. The label on the box told me nothing but there was a website printed on it that seemed to suggest that this might be related to Viagra or something. I was still curious but I figured I'd ask somebody about them instead of opening one up and checking: I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to discover up close what was in inside.

I finally asked somebody about it. It turns out that it's just kleenexes (paper tissues). And thus much tamer than I had suspected. I can see, though, why we've received them as a donation: it's not exactly the kind of box I can imagine most people would want to have on their living room table, where others could see it and wonder.

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Numan said...

I've been tracking this one - and now the mystery is solved! LOL!