10 April 2009

quotes for Good Friday

As part of moving towards Easter, the blog crconect has been providing "daily reflections on the a desert journey." i've been appreciating the quotations provided there and thought i would share a few of them here, with the hope that they might be a blessing for others remembering and reflecting on Good Friday:

“'It is finished' . . . should be taken in the sense of consummatum est­-it is consummated, fulfilled, brought to perfection. . . . This is the cross point in the Great Story, from the ‘In the beginning’ of creation to the last words of the Bible, ‘Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!’ At the cross point, everything is retrieved from the past and everything is anticipated from the future, and the cross is the point of entry to the heart of God from whom and for whom, quite simply, everything is.”
Richard John Neuhaus, Death on a Friday Afternoon, 187, 189.­

“A hermit had persevered for thirty years. One day he said to himself, ‘I have now spent so many years here and I have had no vision and performed no miracle as did the Fathers who were monks before me.’ And he was tempted to go back into the world. Then he was told, ‘What miracle do you want to perform that could be more extraordinary than the patience and courage God has given you and which allowed you to persevere for so long.’?”
A Desert Father

“Prayer . . . is not a rejection of the present; it is rather a realisation that the present is not enough.”
Alessandro Pronzato

"The glory of God is a man or a woman who is truly alive."

All of "the citations come from John Moses, The Desert. An Anthology for Lent (Harrisburg, PA.: Morehouse, 1997)." For further quotations, see the blog.

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Krissy Clarke said...

Good Friday is just a few days away. With these heartfelt and meaningful good friday quotes, I was able to realize how to commemorate what Jesus did for us. Thanks. Be blessed.