30 January 2009

breakfast in community

some days i eat breakfast in bed - it's nice and warm, i can read the news while eating and my current phase of yogourt with granola tends not to make much mess.

but other days it's breakfast in community. getting showered and downstairs by 7:30 can be a bit difficult at times (mostly the showering, though - the water temperature and pressure is affected by how many people are also using the water - and where). and sometimes breakfasts are a bit of a chore. conversation barely grunts along. the bread supply has mysteriously disappeared, along with the milk or jam or butter. or somebody is super grouchy. those are the really bad mornings.

but most times, breakfast in community is a pleasant way to start the day: a mixture of some gentle teasing/sarcasm, a bit of laughter, choice of different breads, milk, coffee, tea, and a random conversation or two (without overwhelming amounts of noise or conversation). this morning we discussed when we have to move the clocks forward in the spring (no one knew for sure). several people asked for the hagel slag (chocolate hail), in its carton (this has to do with a recent threat to empty the bread basket before passing it to someone who only asked for the basket). and i learned that children under 7 aren't generally capable of putting their arms over their heads and touching their ears. it has to do with the size of the head and length of the arm. it was, of course, accompanied by several illustrations of how to touch one's ear with an arm over one's head by people much older than 7. odd - and a delightful way to begin the day.


brooke sellers said...

thanks for this sneak peak into a typical scene in your household. i loved reading it. i love the little idiosyncracies that create the culture of a family of friends.

Luc said...

On reading your blog it all just became too much for me: I had to know: summertime will start on the last sunday in march: in 2009 the 29th of march.