12 February 2016

Mixed Feelings about Paul and his writings

I briefly mentioned to someone that our study of Colossians at Campus Edge has made me appreciate the words of Paul much more. She was surprised that I'd had mixed feelings about him. I mentioned to her that many females do not appreciate Paul because of how he talks about women. Yet, that's not my issue with Paul: It's more that his descriptions of how people ought to live come across as arrogant and lacking any nuance. 

The text of Colossians has been wonderful to study. The text has been challenging and encouraging, full of numerous insights to think about and discuss.

At the same time, I just recently re-read the letters to Timothy and did a word study on submit (ὑποτάσσω (hypotassō)), so I haven't entirely lost my exasperation with Paul. But at least now the exasperation has expanded (and not just to include Peter). As I see the ways that the students do not know how or want to accept Paul's words because they have been greviously misused and misinterpreted, my anger has grown against those who have arrogantly claimed that they understand exactly what Paul's words mean in cultural contexts very different than that of Paul.

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